Monday, November 19, 2012

Markers and Cars

If, like me, you need some quick, easy, fun activities to keep little hands occupied this week while you're gearing up for Thanksgiving, here's a fun idea I ran across on Pinterest:  tape markers to toy cars and drive them across paper.

My two kids declared this was "crazy fun" and keep asking to do it again.  I recommend using washable markers, as then if they get a little excited and drive off the paper, there's no real harm done.

The original idea can be found here.


  1. I want a Luther's seal tattoo!

    1. My mom sent them to the kids -- no idea where she found them. They lasted for almost 3 weeks, though!

  2. Rae, go to and you can buy 25 for 3.95. We had them for the kids at our church at our Reformation Celebration this year. There's lots of cool stuff at their gift shop!


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