Sunday, October 21, 2012

Useful (Free!) Clip Art Site

I bought a bulletin board last week, after thinking about having one for a couple months now, and I hung it up yesterday.  I've had a bunch of ideas for how it could be useful, and I'm working tonight on how to start implementing them.  I want to do a Bible memory verse for the kids, as I meant to start that already last year.  And I want to let them help decorate it, since it's for them.  I'm starting off simple, just an autumn theme, and I went looking for some clip art of things like pumpkins and acorns that they could color to put on it.  I found this very simple site that has great clip art for every season, as well as birthdays, letters, and more (though you might have to dig a little to find everything by clicking the "parent directory" link a lot -- it's not very organized).  Many of the images are big enough you can paste them into a program (I'm using MS Word) and print off full-page versions for coloring.  It's an off-shoot of an elementary school's site, and my security program says the pages and images I visited are virus-free.

Here're a few images I downloaded:

Daniel and Mercedes like to pretend they're mice, in fact, they want to be mice for Halloween, so I think they will both love coloring that last one.  I'll post pictures when my bulletin board is more than just a blank slab of cork!

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